Louis H. Asbury drawings

Louis H. Asbury is asserted to be the first professionally trained, fulltime architect in North Carolina. You can read more about him here.


12 thoughts on “Louis H. Asbury drawings

  1. I saw your house on the Old House Dreams website and fell in love.
    Thanks for sharing your restoration. Those plans are fantastic what a find!
    Best of luck in the restoration.

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  2. Thanks for sharing the photos. I live in Hamlet as well and have been in this home while it was up for sale. Congratulations! It has already begun to look great from the clearing! I can’t wait to see the restoration as it progresses.

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    1. Thanks neighbor! The yard is definitely looking better but it still has a long ways to go! The weather has been crummy the last couple of weeks so most of the progress has been made on the inside! Thanks for following our progress!


  3. So excited about your project. Hope you save the beautiful Windows.
    You would enjoy following the Salma Plantation (Saving Salma) on Facebook. Like you, they are sharing their restoration with the world.

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    1. We are so excited you are excited! One of the things my husband is most concerned about is saving all of the Windows. He is taking each one apart, piece by piece to refinish them. Because Sammy is doing most of the work on the house himself he is only able to work on about 1 window a month. It is extremely time consuming but we will be glad we took the time when they are all done and we can admire their beauty. We will be doing a post just on the Windows soon so stay tuned!

      And thank you so much for sharing the Salma Plantation with us! What an absolutely stunning house, and the owners are doing a remarkable job of documenting the restoration process!


      1. Having restored all 21 windows in our Circa. 1872 house the best advice I can give is don’t force anything 🙂 I wish Sammy the best of luck with the windows, lots of fiddly bits and probably tons of paint.

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  4. OHD made my heart jump when I saw this beauty!!!
    I will be watching every step you take -and I hope you manage to keep the character and charm of the house, its a wonderful thing!


  5. I have been looking at these original drawings and I think they are not what was finally done. The kitchen was always ne

    Between the dining room and the breakfast room…where the family usually ate only using the large dining room when everybody was there or for entertaining…which my grandmother was well known for. There was a hallway that went completely straight thru the house from front to back. Coming in the back door the breakfast room was to the right with the kitchen to the left of that…did I misread the drawings? I do know when my grandparents were drawing up the house they moved into from the big house they changed the drawings many times…maybe here too?? I will have to get my brother to look at these and see what he has to say…


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