The Future Playroom

With all the rain work has moved inside, primarily the attic. All the dirt and dust was vacuumed out and trash removed. We have tested the entire house for lead and unfortunately almost everything wood is covered in lead paint, so precautions must be taken to make sure it is all disposed of safely and correctly. Sammy has sealed off the attic so the dust stays put. He is using two Hepa Vacuums to make sure everything is filtered and no lead particles escape while sanding, plus we have an air scrubber and our helpers are wearing respirators. Better to be safe than sorry!

After days of sanding the wood is almost ready to repaint. There is still some prep work and some old damaged planks that need replaced but its getting there!


The stairs that lead up to the attic.




Awesome Sky Light!!


The miniature size door that opens to our cedar closet!!






The attic is one of the things I love most about this house. We have two little girls, with a third on the way, so we have lots of toys and need plenty of room to play. I imagine the attic as the perfect playroom, filled with natural light and bright fun colors, bean bag chairs and shelves of books. I can’t wait to show you my thoughts on the decor once it gets painted!


7 thoughts on “The Future Playroom

  1. Your home will more beautiful than it did when built in 1925. Hope things continue to progress as well as they have to date!! Keep us informed and up to date !!!


  2. A request?

    Some images are wholly distorted. I don’t know what that is called. A 360 view?

    It is really hard though to appreciate a house when it looks like a fun house mirror image!


  3. May I suggest, instead of painting that beautiful wood, you consider a light stain and sealant? Unless the close-up view of the wood reveals something we can’t see, I think it’s gorgeous. You can hang white boards and art work and quilts and such to decorate the walls without damaging them with paint.


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