The Disappearing Wallpaper

As the attic continues to be sanded and prepped, Sammy has moved down to the second floor!! I am so excited to say that the floral and plaid wallpaper has been slowly disappearing a little more each day! Here are some before pictures of the three rooms that are now wallpaper free!!IMG_0024


The retro prints were unique and fun but beyond repair.

I took it upon myself one day to see how hard it would be to remove some of it. This is what happened.


There are two different types of wallpaper we have encountered so far. The dark green plaid print and Carolina blue paper had a vinyl like backing that made it really easy to rip off the wall. I just had to find a loose area, peel it up and then pull. It ripped in huge sheets, almost like ripping fabric.



Then we went into the next bedroom, the floral one. This paper is thin and leaves a layer of paper and glue when you try to simply rip it off. IMG_3286So after some research I decided I would ask my amazing mother-in-law if I could “borrow” her fancy Daimer KleenJet 300cs steamer to tackle the flowers. Equipped with steam and a scrapper we conquered the flowers in 2 days. I LOVE THE CLEAN WALLS!


I am hoping my mother-in-law lets me borrow her steamer again to scrub our bathrooms! I have seen the magic this thing works on dirty tile grout and I am so excited to see what it can do on bathrooms that haven’t been used in 20 years!


12 thoughts on “The Disappearing Wallpaper

  1. I am so enjoying your posts and pictures. If hamlet has a Christmas tour of homes, it would be wonderful to see your finished product. I would come home for that.

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  2. I just posted a story about how the house was used during the war…I put it on Facebook page of the house…


      1. Well actually that is how I first even knew about you…it is on Historic Houses of NC…not your own page…but lots of activity there about your house..Miniature Ave House, Hamet, NC…I have posted there other times too…I thought you would see it…maybe you have not.


      2. Well I honestly thought this was you…I now see it is someone else posting your things…on Facebook it can be found at Historic Hamlet,N.C. and then type in The house on Minturn Ave. They asked if they could post a picture of that house next door to y’all and tell the story I told…thought I was giving you the ok…guess I need to tell them to ck. With owners before they post stuff.

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      3. no it’s completely fine! The historic hamlet Facebook page is great and we love the posts about the house! If there was another website I just wanted to see if there was any more info/stories about the house I didn’t know yet! We love that everyone is so excited about the house being restored and welcome all the comments and posts on any website!!


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