It’s Been a Long Time. 

So quite a few months have passed without any updates. Life got busy with a new baby and a new company, but we are back and work has started again!

The roof has been a main concern. The roof is leaking in several areas and probably has been leaking for the last 15 years. So before we go and try to fix all the water damage we want to make sure that there won’t be anymore.

Big problem though. Ceramic Tile is not a popular roof choice around here and many roofers do not have the experience with ludowichi tiles and copper roofing. The contractors that do have experience have quoted us at between $100,000-$240,000 for the job.

Here are the roof schematics that were drawn up, it look s a bit complicated.


The original copper work under the plastic coating on the flat roofs:


Luckily, I married a man that has the ability to learn just about any skill. He is a philosopher/chemist/real estate/contractor/forester all in one. Sammy is now going to add roofing to his specialties!

Materials are ordered!

We are reusing the original green tiles and the copper gutters as they are in great shape! The roof underlayment is going to be replaced and the flat roofs repaired. Sammy should begin the roof work within the next month!

Another concern we have been contemplating is our heat situation. The house was previously heated by a giant boiler that sits in the basement. When the house was first built in 1924 the boiler ran off coal but then was converted to oil and then natural gas. We have had the gas turned on at the house but have not been able to locate anyone to get the system running. It looks like this is going to have to be removed and a new modern system installed.


10 thoughts on “It’s Been a Long Time. 

  1. My 1894 house retains its original radiators (which i LOVE) but has four new high-efficiency pulse boilers. These make a significant improvement in running costs.

    Thrilled about your roofing news!

    And, welcome back!

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  2. Unless I am mistaken. Why not contact Hamlet city councilman Lindsey about anything you want or need to know about this property. He may be able to tell you how to start the boilers. This would have been his childhood home, I think. This property was removed from the Lindsey-Petris trust and put up for sale a few years ago. It was bought by Kelly and Bill Horn,who y’all got it from. The historical thing about this house in my opinion is who Mrs Petrus was and the family she came from. Which is one of the first Families of Hamlet. The James’s. They were the ones to bring Medical treatment and Hospitals to this area.

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    1. Thank you for the info! We have been fortunate enough to gather quite a bit of history on this home! The original owners were to Gibbons who brought the Coca-Cola factory to hamlet in the 1920s. His grandson has stopped by and spoken with Sammy and was so kind to give us some pictures and newspaper articles that his family saved.

      We also have learned a great deal from
      Mr. David Lindsey! He is a friend of my father-in-law and has shared some stories and pictures as well!

      I am planning on writing a whole post about the houses history complete with pictures…just need to find the time to sit down and put it together! Stay tuned!!!


      1. Just one correction… JP Gibbons came to Hamlet with his Coca-Cola franchise in 1903. He and his wife and infant daughter had little else when they arrived. But 20 years of hard work later, he was able to build a house like this.

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  3. I am happy to learn that someone who respects and cares about this house owns it now. I am the oldest of the grandchildren of J.P. and Virginia Gibbons. I was born in 1937 and I spent a large part of my childhood there. I have many wonderful memories and would enjoy sharing them if you are interested.


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