The small building behind the house was originally used as a garage. It was later remodeled into…I’m not sure what? There is a heater inside and vinyl flooring was laid so maybe it was used as an office or a bonus room. Our plans are to turn it back into a garage.


The old rotten window was torn out a few months ago but since then it has been sitting, patiently awaiting its next phase in the remodel.

If you look closely, the brick on the front of the building, where the window was, does not match the brick on the rest of the building. Our plan is demolish the newer brick, opening the front back up and installing new carriage doors.


In the original plans for the house the garage was designed with trifold style doors.


But I am really loving this bi-fold style!


I called to get in an estimate for these from REAL Carriage Doors Co. but they are about $17,000 out of our price range! We are now looking for a talented wood worker to make some custom doors! Let me know if you know anyone local!!!

3 thoughts on “Garage

  1. Can you have the original look recreated? But as a single door, which would slide UP like a modern door?

    So, VISUALLY the same as the original drawing, but FUNCTIONING as a modern door?

    This way you could use a remote. A must!

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    1. We are looking into it. The opening is larger than a standard door so anything we decide on will have to be custom made.

      My husband is fighting for the original look but I love the look of the double carriage doors. I’m pretty sure he will win though😉


      1. I am not an accomplished carpenter by any stretch of the imagination, but faced a similar problem when my wife wanted carriage doors on a carport/almost garage; lacking only doors. But the opening would have meant each door was so wide it would block the driveway, so I built two doors, each of them hinged in the middle like a bifold door. Swing the door open and if it was going to be open for any period, just fold it back in on itself. The only real trick was getting proper wheels at the bottom of each section of each door that would support the weight. Otherwise, amazingly like building a very large double hung window!


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