Total Rewire Underway

We are excited to share that Minturn is currently being completely rewired!

The house previously had 100 amp service, which was not going to cut it with three daughters, so we contacted Duke Energy to come bump up our service. Duke has already been out and hung/trenched new lines to the house. We now have 400 AMPS!!!

I love that with every new project we start we discover something else that makes us love this house even more!  As the electricians started pulling wires we found that most of the house was wired in conduit. Conduit is usually only used in commercial buildings which makes Minturn special. It also makes it a lot easier to pull out all the old wiring and install new.

In several of the rooms there were marks on the walls where we could see holes had been patched. We opened them up and found wires that once ran to sconces. In order to run all new wires, the electricians had to open every patched hole. Some we decided to demo but we ended up keeping a lot of them open. There will be about 2 sconces in each room now!

I posted on our Facebook (yes, we now have a Facebook page!!! a picture of our new light switches and plate covers. We decided to go old school and install all new push button light switches like the original ones, but with all the new safety features. We also picked to have raw brass plate covers for the switches and receptacles to try and keep that antique look flowing.

The electricians have made great progress and we are hoping all electrical will be completed in just a few short weeks!

Now I just have to pick out about a thousand light fixtures, wish me luck!

4 thoughts on “Total Rewire Underway

  1. I have a home built in 1928…my electrical is “interesting”. I have a combination of the old clothe peg and tube. some conduit and bx. I would imagine rewiring my home would require a lot of plaster removal and patching. I can;t even begin to describe the wiring above the dining room light, its as if every run in the house meets there LOL You’re very lucky to have conduit…like you said, ,,its still expensive bt at least all of that money is going toward new electrical with only a little going towards wall/ceiling repair. 400AMPS is good call too, three hairdryers/curling irons etc all going at once poses a challenge (I have 4 daughters)


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