Copper Everywhere!!

Many Many months, have passed with a lot of new progress at the house, mostly on the roof. Many of you that drive by often have probably noticed that from the front, the roof looks complete! All the tiles have been put back on, and man does it look good! But the most beautiful work, and the part that has taken the most time, is all the copper that has been installed on the front flat roof, the sides of the two dormers and the big flat roof in the rear of the house.

Sammy and the guys spent many many hours making these custom copper “pans” that were joined together to form this water tight flat roof.

We have custom scuppers, custom gutters and custom air vents for the back roof.


Originally, the sides of the dormer were covered in green tiles but were smaller than the ones on the main area of the room, like shingle size. However, most of these were damaged and were unable to be reinstalled. Instead of ordering new tiles, we decided to use Sammy’s new found copper talent and cover the sides of the dormers in copper “shingles”, the exact same size as the tiles, just copper.

It seems like forever since we started Minturn’s restoration but all this waiting is definitely worth it! I don’t think Sammy and I, nor the next owners, will ever have to worry about any roof issues!!!

2 thoughts on “Copper Everywhere!!

  1. Remarkable home – y’all are doing a fabulous renovation
    on it!
    I grew up in a Hamlet & remember the owners fondly!


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